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" Netaji " is developed by Instalutions Technologies. It is a user friendly app which also aims to be eco friendly. This App is a smart way to share details and all promotional information about any candidate just like an interactive e-magazine but definitely with more information.

We have developed "Netaji" App for politicians and political campaigns. Our app is specifically designed to help stay in touch with constituents and manage election campaigns. With over 70% of the population now using smartphones to access the internet everyday, one needs to have a presence on the mobile web and "Netaji" App is the way to do that.

Key Features :

  • Full online control on your information and links displayed in " Netaji " App.
  • Can be downloaded to any Android, Windows smart phone without further customisation or cost.
  • Can maintain all your data and links online with the help of your login.
  • Costomised background.
  • Provides the politician with a cost effective presence on mobile web.
  • Simple design allows for easy update of personal details and news.
  • A link can be added to one's personal website to direct people searching the candidate via their smart phones to the app.
  • QR codes can also be added to the candidate's election literature to drive users to the app.
  • " Netaji "App is perfect for every one, no matter what political position one holds.
  • Constituents can download and use the App free of cost.

Benefits :

  • A faster and better reach to the electorate.
  • Can reach many people at a time instantly.
  • Easy to use and cost free download.
  • Gives an e-savvy image, so gives popularity and visibility among the young electorate.
  • No need to promote in every e-medium. For example a video uploaded on your Youtube channel is automatically uploaded by the app.
  • Easier to get more visibility on social media like Facebook.
  • Data and links are controlled online by the registered politician thus preventing misuse.


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